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Real Estate Contract & Notes

Creative Finance & Investements has been in the business of purchasing  the Seller's interest in privately held Real Estate Notes, Contracts, Trust Indentures, and Mortgages in the Western United States for 43 years.


If you want to sell your note we can get you cash now for the Real Estate Contract on which you are receiving periodic payments. We can purchase all or a portion of your payments, often referred to as a "Full Buyout" or a "Partial Buyout." If you don't want to sell your entire contract but would like to free up cash we can help. Let us tailor a note purchase plan that will give you the greatest benefit available for you Real Estate secured note. The amount of cash you will receive is determined by the size, length, and terms of your secured real estate contract.

We buy all types of "Owner Financed Notes" or "Seller Financed Notes" and Real Estate Contracts such as:

Private Mortgages and Trust Indentures

Land Installment Contracts

Contract for Deed

Deed of Trust

Real Estate Note


Its is fast, simple, and free, to get a bid for your Real Estate Contract.

Submit a Form to receive a bid to purchase your Seller's interest.


We can structure an assignment to fit your needs: Complete buyout or partial purchase (assign 5, 10, or 15 years of the total)

Time and Procedure: Generally, funds are disbursed to you within a few weeks. We depend upon appraiser's and title company's information for completion of the transaction. We are fast and efficient. This is our business

Concern for buyer: All terms and conditions of the mortgage/contract for deed remain the same. The only change is directed to the escrow agent or buyer specifying where payments are to be remitted.

The Following information with speed processing: Latest payment receipt, copies of all closing statements, documents, deeds, pay histories, escrow receipts, etc. Photos of the property, information regarding the broker familiar with the property or involved with the sale, insurance policy information.

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