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Hard Money Lending

At Creative Finance & Investments we exclusively focus our lending on Real Estate in the greater Northwest region. We do not lend on owner occupied residences. Our Loans are equity based and usually not in excess of 60% of loan-to-value of the property value. Often times conventional  or traditional mortgage brokers have clients with assets and/or good equity but are unable to offer the financing they require. This is where our underwriting requirements are substantially advantageous and expeditious, allowing financing that meets your timeline. We represent local private investors and don't have the same requirements of traditional lenders. 

Creative Finance & Investments considers lending on commercial, bare land, land with mobile homes, unusual property types, investment properties, and agricultural land. Our interest rates are between 10%-13% depending of various factors. We are able to structure your payments in many different ways to suit your needs. You must have at least 40% equity or cash down payment towards the purchase. We do not lend on owner occupied single family residences. We can not loan on your primary or secondary residences.

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Real Estate Secured Loans

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