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Investing in Real Estate Loans & Notes

Loan & Note Investing

Are you interested in investing in Real Estate in a more passive manner? Creative Finance & Investments routinely offers the opportunity to connect private money investors with individuals seeking a hard money loan to complete a Real Estate secured project. Current yields to investors; return between 8%-11%; depending on market conditions. Creative Finance & Investments maintains the Loan or Note, monitoring the payment schedule assuring all property taxes are paid in a timely manner, and that the security property is insured at all times. We offer annual inspection of the security property to ensure collateral is safely maintaining investors interest. Further, we are the communication link to the borrower addressing any questions and concerns as they arise. We have had a very successful investor history, working with a multitude of investors for many decades. Our close relationship with our investors allows us to secure efficient opportunities and expect consistent returns. We look to carry on that success and continue to add new investors to our future projects. If you are interested in being an investor with Creative Finance & Investments please give us a Phone Call, we would love to have a conversation and answer any questions that you may have.

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