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For over 43 years Creative Finance & Investments has been committed to lending a professional and personal touch to every transaction. With our extensive experience in the cash flow industry you can count on us to offer the best lending options and a premium price for you Private Contracts & Notes. Our trusted and knowledgeable staff can address your concerns, answer your questions, and assist you through every step of the process.

CFI offers competitive terms on a variety of Loans types


10-13% Interest Only


6 Months to 3 Years with minimal prepayment penalty 

Property Types

All property types except owner occupied residential


3-6 Points

Quick Closings

Fund dispersal within 30 days

Project Completion

Construction loans for project with substantial progress completed

Loan Amounts


Lien Position

1st Lien Position

2nd Lien Position considered with large equity

Service Region

Direct loans: Northwest United States

Sell contract for deed/note: All 50 states

Our Respect and Commitment to our Customers

Fast Approvals

Call us direct with your scenario or submit inquiry online with our Loan request form.

Quick Closing

We get you to the closing table fast. No financials required. Not credit based. Equity Dependent. Decades of Relationships with local closing entities. 

Respect for Privacy

We do not share your information with any party other than for the purpose completing the lending/buying process.

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